Childrens Book | Influences A New 1000mph Land Speed Record!

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A children’s book author, Frank Cottrell Boyce is going to write a new series of books featuring a number of famous literature cars such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! But, what’s most exciting is that the fantasy could become a reality – With the first 1000mph car being created.

The team that set the land speed records with Thrust2 and ThrustSSC have plans to increase the world speed record by 31%. The aim of the relationship between the speed team and the children’s book was to get children enthusiastic about Science, engineering and maths! With the new tale coming into the modern world, and children hopefully becoming hooked on the idea that science is exciting it’s sure to be a big hit.

Thrust 2

Thrust 2

What’s more is that the speed team’s plan is to use a jet engine from a Euro-fighter plane to get the car up to 300mph, and then to use a light rocket to help the driver hit 1050mph!

Watch this space!

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