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There are some concept cars that are indescribably dull – the potential tweaks to an old favourite, for example. There are others that take the idea of creative freedom too far, such as the new Peugeot concept that looks like a strange combination of a mammoth, a hammer head shark, and a hoover. Peculiar to say the least.

Then there are the beautiful and fascinating one – of which group the Citroen GT Concept car is definitely a member.

citroen GT Concept

The Citroen GT Concept

Designed during a collaboration between Citroen and Polyphony (designers of Gran Turismo 5), this car clearly shows is sporty computer game roots. They are apparent in everything from the bold white colour and fat wheels, right through to the shape, which looks like a combination on Audi R8 and a Ferrari. The aim, apparently, is to create a car that perpetually looks like it is moving, and I think that they are pretty close to achieving that. After all, it features those wrap around lights and sleek lines that, as well as offering aerodynamic benefits, make a car look fast and vital.

citroen GT Concept

The Interior

The interior is perhaps my favourite bit of this gorgeous car. They have really let their imaginations run wild, but in a conceivable way. The end result? A dashboard that looks like something from an alien spaceship, all bold lines and bright metallic orange. Add to this leather seats and a funky on-trend head up display, and I think you have a winner.

Will that car ever become a reality? I doubt it. Even so, it is a beaut, and keeps the automotive industry moving steadily forward.

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Posted by admin   @   29 September 2010

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7 Opinions

  • Steve

    Now that is a good looking car (on the outside) Not too fond of that red dashboard, looks like a space ship! and Id never take it seriously :)

  • urban cruiser

    this car is really great.
    it is the car of future!
    urban cruiser´s last blog post ..Toyota Urban Cruiser Press Video

  • Tow Trucks

    Nice car design……From inside it looks like we have to sit in like in F1 car. Now thats a sporty car.

  • Arnold Galtine

    According to ( has sent their real driving simulator inspired GT Concept to London in order to re-create a part of the street circuit that goes by the same name as the city, from the latest installment of Gran Turismo, GT5 Prologue.

  • Alifa Hanum21

    I’m sure when I go to heaven I will get the cars on top I do not need a car just as it was at this time

  • Car enthusiast

    Who took the photographs ?

  • Anonymous

    Hi! Most photos came from the Citroen Website :)

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