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There is something incredibly futuristic about the combination of a scooter and a car. It speaks of something from the Batman films (although, granted, nowhere near as cool as it would be if the caped crusader had turned his millions of dollars and obsessive attention to them!), or maybe it reminds me a little bit of Thunderbird 4. Were it equipped with missiles and some sort of fancy ejector seat that propelled the scooter into the air at a rate of hundreds of miles an hour, it would almost be like something from a Bond film.

Of course, the Geely McCar (of no relation to McDonalds, I assume) isn’t quite as cool. However, it is an electric car that carries a self contained scooter, and that means it is worth a bit of geeky affection and wonderment.

geeley mccar electric car and scooter


The aim of such a vehicle? Well, EVs tend to be about the zero emissions end goal, but Geely have taken their latest EV as an opportunity to also counteract the global problem of inner city congestion. The morning rush hour is well known for blocking the streets of capital cities worldwide, and the McCar would offer the ability to park further out of town, and then still take private (as opposed to public) transport  into the centre, but hopefully without being so quite so delayed or constrained by the traffic jams. That said, be careful you don’t have to go to far for the scooter part of the journey – whilst the car can achieve 93 miles per charge, the scooter can achieve 18 – which means you may well need a charging station at work.

The idea is cool (and I imagine people will also find the choice between gas-electric hybrid or fully electric powerplants convenient), but I do wonder how many people would be happy driving a scooter? You would imagine more people would ride scooters if they wanted to – it may be that driving is a distinct choice over public transport and two wheels.

What do you think?

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Posted by admin   @   28 April 2011

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