Completing the Set | We Take A Look At The Volkswagen Up!

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We were missing one from the set, so we thought we’d take a look at the VW Up! Named after VW’S lupo, due to its small car nature, they took the middle letters and created something with vast marketing potential (positive connotations such as moving Up!). The Up! was the first car announced by the VW group at the Frankfurt motor show and has led to it’s seconds and third announcements; the Skoda Citigo and SEAT Mii.

With these cars VW is aiming to stick with the logical, as it did with the beetle, and offer city cars that people want. The Up! does what it says on the tin, it gets you round the ever crowded roads, in a cost-effective and relatively comfortable way. If you offer people what they need, it will come as no surprise that they will buy it – even if they do wait a while to visit a used VW showroom a few years down the line.

Despite VW Group’s need to keep parts and layout within their new city cars as similar as possible for financial savings to them, it remains that these cars are all unique in some way are all actually very good. They are all viable options and it simply remains to be seen, not whether they will sell, but rather which one people will be more likely to buy!

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Posted by admin   @   5 October 2011

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