Costly Fuel | Fuelling Your Car Is Becoming Dangerously Costly

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Fuel is a big problem at the minute, and it’s led to a lot of media coverage lately. Survey results are not only showing figures representing the 20% price increase on last year and the forecasted 4p increase for the next according to the AA, but they are now also going deeper than that.

The main problem is almost two thirds (62%) of what we currently pay for our fuel is to cover fuel duty and VAT costs. So here’s where we get slightly mathematical; consider that the average petrol price is currently around 134ppl (134.5 according to the AA, but for the sake of making a point let’s round it down). Now 62% of that equates to around 83ppl; so for every full tank, of say a Ford Fiesta (42 Litres), you are spending £34.86 out of your total £56.28 on taxes!

It’s starting to get ridiculous, and others are agreeing; with 87% of those surveyed concerned about the rising cost of petrol, and of that 9% don’t even drive! However, a little leeway is being made; with a debate forced for MP’s to discuss the excessive charges next week, thanks to a FairFuelUK petition signed by over 100,000 people!

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5 Opinions

  • Chris

    The rising cost of gas is alarming, but it is the new reality.  There is no end in site as oil is continuing to rise.  Where would it stop?  $10 – $12 a gallon by 2013.

  • Lol


  • Melanie

    This is a huge issue for a lot of drivers, especially as the cost of commuting to work by train gets more expensive each year. For me this is  probably the biggest reason to invest in
    new cars
    when buying; not just because I want to be environmentally friendly but because I want/need to save money at the petrol station. 

  • Winglepke

    Yes, it is really expensive to fill the tank!
    Those car transport track is worst. They get 4 mile/g. 
    If you want to read more about car transport, you can go here: 

  • Jolandi Kerstetter

    Hmm, there is no way to escape oil price hikes. The least we can do is get our cars to perform efficiently so as to get the most mileage out of the petrol we buy. It would be even better if you can buy an electronic car. That’s the only way to evade high oil prices. :)

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