Crushing News | Just How Dangerous Is High-Speed Driving?

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Fifth Gear; Five’s ‘equivalent’ to Top Gear has been doing some extreme testing on an everyday Ford Focus. They hooked up the aforementioned Ford to a winch; slinging the car at 120mph towards its target.

As you can see from the video (below) hitting something solid when travelling so fast means almost complete and instant destruction (travelling from 120mph to 0mph in just 0.06 seconds) and certain fatality for anyone within the car.

Not only is this devastating to watch, but even more so when considering the proposed 80mph limit increase, which will more than likely encourage drivers to up their driving speed.

We are then left with the question; why do manufacturers afford cars, which will often never see speeds in excess of 100mph, such high top speeds?

It’s no surprise that high speed crashes will lead to destruction; even 70mph ones can lead to fatalities, but should better prevention measures be put in place – because, unlike in this controlled test; it’s unlikely to simply be the speeding car involved in the crash…

How do you feel about this latest news? and the topic in general?

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