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Most days I will have a peek at the motors section of eBay, so see if anything interesting (and always out of my budget) is up for sale. Today I found this, a pimped outcustom modified Honda Civic VTI that looks like it would only ever be at home on the starting line of an illegal street race. Think The Fast and The Furious, just with doors that open upwards and even more attitude. Oh, and of course it isn’t a muscle car, but simple a Honda Civic that has been given a whole new lease of life.

If you are actually interested in a car like this, then the seller gives you a little more info, destined to tempt you more and more:

“Voted the wildest modified motor in the world in 2004. Former front cover in Fast Car October 2004. This was the first ever lambo door civic in the UK. This is the civic that set the trend for all other civics to follow with it’s custom Cossie wide-arch, custom bonnet with bad boy bonnet, custom led after burner conversion, one off motor bike style exhaust system, custom cream leather interior you name it this car has it. It’s all custom and it’s all first on this motor, it’s no wonder it has won so many awards and was the talk of all shows and cruises”

modified custom honda civic

Lambo Door Custom Honda Civic

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Posted by admin   @   19 May 2010

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8 Opinions

  • john@racing engines

    I wonder who decided that Honda Civics would be the cool race car. It is kind of baggy pants considered cool. I suspect both trends were started by economically disadvantaged people.

  • unite tyre changing machine

    I really love Lambo door wings.They look very elegant and it’s nice to see it on other car model.May i know how much does it cost you to buy that Civic?

  • Jeffers

    I believe the Type R’s Door placements can be shifted into a vertical alignment due to modifications on the interim setup. All you need to do is avail of these select Door parts for consistency and modification.

  • SpeedTC

    Looks fast, but is it really fast? Most feared the Civic Type R more than this one

  • Michael Firstman@ Best Mig Welder

    Who would’ve thought doors like that would suit a Civic. Well it’s hardly a Civic now with all the mods. Still a very hot looking auto indeed.
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  • tyre changing machines

    Changing tyres by hand can be a long and monotonous job. There is also more chance for error as a machine places the tyre precisely and uses more strength.

  • Dustcarts

    Spoilers are the wing like attachment fitted to the rear end, mounted on top of the trunk or attached just under the bumper in the front. Since they look sleek and stylish, many believe that spoilers are installed to make the car look trendy and sporty. This is only partially correct.

  • Keiran Tatt

    this is cool 

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