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If you love cars, you have probably already clocked onto the contents of the Detroit Motor show, which is going on as we speak. It is, as with all motor shows of this ilk, packed to the brim with new releases and exciting concepts.

Although I am sure that many cars are more wildy exciting than this one, the Veloster is perhaps the most anticipated car currently on show. After all, Hyundai have been talking and hinting about this car for ages, and it is only now that petrol-heads are getting a chance to have a look at one in the flesh.

Hyundai Veloster Autoshow

The Veloster - Stylish and Sporty

So, what is the word on the street?

Well, first the facts. The Hyundai Veloster is destined to be Hyundai’s smartest and sportiest three door hatchback. The exterior is sleek, smart and above all energetic, somethign that is matched quite neatly by the obvious effort that has been put into the engine and performance.

Despite achieving a neat 40MPG, the Veloster delivers 138 HP, and a drive that is likely to be sporty and powerful. Considering that their specific output: 86.3 HP per litre is better than any of their competitors, you wouldn’t expect to have quite such an enjoyable driving experience.

Yup, you heard me right, this is a car that by the sounds of it won’t only look stunning, but will drive pretty damn well too. I predict it holding its own well against its in-market competitors. Feedback all around seems to be great, so I think this deserves a thumbs up.

Hyundai Veloster Interior

And inside the Veloster

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2 Opinions

  • Anonymous

    The red car is the concept model.

    The orange one is the production model.

    Both look similar but are different.

  • josh ross

    Hyundai have been on a roll for several years now and with this voluptuous fastback, they will have scribes rifling through their chest of superlatives and competitors gawping.

    Execs. from BMW were apparently checking out the Veloster’s interior at the Detroit show; intrigued perhaps by the layered, sculpted dash and the bank of vertically stacked controls that are both simple and stylish.

    With that close to 100 bhp per litre majic figure, I reckon this car will deliver on the road too. In fact this is one of the best cars Hyundai has brought to market in years.

    I can just imagine i30 drivers/potential customers who want something more overtly sporting taking the plunge. Sensible ownership and running costs, that brilliant Hyundai warranty and fashionable curb side appeal will clinch the choice for many.

    Josh S Ross

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