Don’t Buy A Jaguar XK If You Want To Successfully Drive In The Snow

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Currently I work in a converted barn out in the country. As you may have experienced most parts of the UK has had snow and ice over the last few weeks. Anyway, I was driving to work the other day, the main roads weren’t too bad, the side streets were a death trap but I managed to avoid them successfully. I was even able to drive down the 500 yard private driveway which incidentally had not been gritted.

Now, I absolutely adore the Jaguar XK but to be honest it is a nightmare to drive it in the snow. For a start it is a rear wheel drive which is fine if you are driving backwards but not so good if you want to drive forwards anywhere. The next problem would be the fact it is an automatic and not a manual, I don’t even have the option of changing it to a manual because it is not combined. This means I can’t control the gears and overall traction. Anyway to cut a long story short because the driveway is on a slight incline this was fine when I was travelling to work because I was going down the hill. But when I travelled back up the hill this was a whole different story. It was quite embarrassing as the people in the other building I worked at came running out brandishing spades and pick axes to help me out of the snow and ice, it was like the Batman and Robin scene out of Only Fools and Horses. About 50 minutes passed and it was still no good we tried every trick in the book but nothing worked. In the end I had to call out the local garage to get me out.

So, for anybody looking to buy a Jaguar XK it is a fabulous car but not if you want to drive anywhere in the snow.

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Posted by admin   @   14 January 2010

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3 Opinions

  • trocadero

    Interesting article, but since Jaguar don’t make one, how did you get an XK Diesel?

  • admin

    Hi Trocadero

    Fair point! This wan’t my post (Lauren), and it was my colleague’s dad’s car, so I presume she just got it wrong! All fixed now!

    It was a real nightmare though, you wouldn’t believe it!


  • Ian Croad2

    OOH YES … yesterday going up a long slow hill in the snow..going ok until artic lorry without trailer comes to a stop,eventually backs downhill using the oncoming lane, now out of my way I gently apply the gas…nothing no movement …forward that is…desperatley trying dsc on…dsc off Trac dsc on Trac dsc off nope still no forward movement… awful shuddering from wheels as abs fighting skidding thumping from wheels as brakes engaged by dsc…still no movement …queues behind now fed up with waiting and smartcar eases by me followed by uncle Tom Cobley etc… am saved by oncoming mini offering me a space to turn round and retreat back downhill from whence I came.I Know everyone was laughing at the pillock in the 70 grand Jag beaten by 2 inches of snow.What I do wrong…get home get on Jag forums…apparently everybody knows but me that the Jag xk is crap in the snow.

    but I still love her ,its just she has a small inperfection thats all , still love her though….Stunning looks, great performance , great ego booster, god I love this car, do I really worry it cant go uphill in two inches of snow…you bet I did yesterday but today I have forgiven her and when it snows I will leave her tucked up at home and get out the Ford fiesta…

    I still have a red face and its not sunburn

    Ian Croad

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