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Have you heard of Giveacar? The chances are that if you read anything even vaguely car related, the name will have popped up somewhere. You see, Giveacar is trying to bring a charitable edge to responsibilities usually covered by your local council. They collect old unwanted cars and scrap them, with all proceeds going to charity. On the one hand they are helping the world by recycling cars in the greenest way, and reducing waste, and on the other hand they are giving money to charity, which seems to be killing two birds with one stone as far as I am concerned.

Every car has a value, whether it’s roadworthy or only good for scrap. Giveacar is a social enterprise that allows you to donate your old car, just as you might donate possessions to a charity shop. Our goals are simple – to raise as much money as possible for registered charities and to recycle cars to the highest environmental standards.

You see? Isn’t that nice?!

How to donate a car to giveacar

The process

Now a lot of people will be put off by the idea of donating a car. It seems so much more significant than giving that tattered old paperback to the local charity shop, or buying a bundle of 20p curtains from a charity jumble sale. However, when you think about it, many people will pay to have their un-roadworthy cars taken away and dealt with – and if that is the case, then giving the car to charity is pretty much exactly the same. You won’t make the scrap metal money that you would have, but if you didn’t need that cash then there isn’t really any compelling reason why you wouldn’t want to donate.

Now, I could grumble about the fact that this enterprise was born out of the Tory “Big Society” campaign, which I feel is something of a distraction from the fact that so much money is being taken out of budgets and such like. You know the rule – if you are going to do something bad, cover it up with something that sounds really good. However, political inclinations aside, there is no denying that pushing for individuals to be more entrepreneurial and socially concious is a good thing, no matter what the underlying motives. If it persuades graduates like Tom Chance to try and make a difference, then I can’t really stand up and complain!

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  • Toronto Scrap Cars for Cash

    Making a car donation is quicker and more convenient than selling it and more rewarding than trading it in. Make a difference today!

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