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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang has been pretty heavily talked about for the past week. The famed car from the unexpectedly creepy 1968 film has been in the possession of Pierre Picton ever since it’s big screen days, but now the time had come to see just how much the fans would pay for the only fully working version of this Fantasmagorical automobile, which offered the perfect combination for eager petrolheads-cum-filmgeeks around the globe.

Chitty chitty bang bang movie poster

The Poster

That said, the resultant sale in the Beverly Hills auction was something of a wet squib. With the world’s media getting all het-up by the $1-$2 million pound estimate placed on the car, it must have been somewhat depressing to have shipped this all the way from Stratford-Upon-Avon (UK) just for it to only reach $805,000. That is pretty significantly below the estimate, and if is fun to speculate on the reasons behind this…

chitty chitty bang bang car

I'nt she gorgeous?!

What do you reckon made the sale come up short?

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2 Opinions

  • james

    probably because not many people knew about the auction. I’d have paid 1.2M for it.

  • http://www.coopers-driving-school.com/driving_school_redditch.html Driving School redditch

    You just show me some of my dream cars. Now its on sale! Wow. Thanks for the information I hope to see more!

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