Electric Drive | Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé ED

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You wouldn’t think an AMG Sports car could fall into the eco-friendly bracket, but Mercedes AMG have proved us all wrong with this SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive! Headlining at the Paris Motor Show last night, this stunning blue, fully electric vehicle (FEV) utilizes four electric motors positioned close to the wheels, producing a combined output of 740Hp, making it the most powerful production AMG model of all time. This beast of a vehicle can generate 60mph from standing in under 4 seconds (3.9 to be exact), hitting a limited max speed of 155mph.

If you’re interested in “doing your bit for the environment” (yeah right!) you might be lucky enough to secure one of these in July 2013! Prices start at the reasonable amount of €416,500, so if you’re after one of these amazing pieces of German technology, then start saving now!

The Beautiful Electric Blue SLS AMG

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  • CEAT


  • Trojan

    I really like to see how the battery look like in this car… he he

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