Electric Progression | How Bluebird Is Helping The Automotive Electric Vehicle Industry

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As more car manufacturers produce there own electric cars to find new solutions for the future, to reduce CO2 emissions and to enhance their green credentials, the question is: can they become mainstream?

Drivers want cars that can travel reasonable distances, but that also provide performance comparable to the petrol and diesel cars they are already driving.

Well, in August Don Wales; the grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell, pushed the envelope once again to see how fast electric cars can go. Over the weekend of the 13th and 14th he launched Bluebird Electric to try to break the UK land speed record for an electric vehicle; a record he set over 10 years ago.

The Bluebird Electric Car

The aim was to reach 150mph, breaking the current UK electric record of 137 mph; Don has a long term goal to break the 500 mph barrier by 2013. In the end the first day’s record attempt had been scuppered by poor weather at the test venue on Pendine Sands in Wales. Damage caused to the car also prevented any record breaking on the second day. Don Wales’ son, Joe Wales, veered off course and hit a pothole; causing him to crash and leaving him with whiplash.

However Bluebird has new ambitions; Don Wales has launched a campaign to find a partner to raise £2.5 million in order to build the next generation Bluebird. The new B3 car will be built by Thrust SCC systems and Bluebird hope to be able to go at speeds in excess of 300mph; to make an assault on the world record for electric cars.

This constant effort to improve by Bluebird not only proves the power and potential of electric cars in the future, but just as importantly provides more development information; to keep moving the automotive electric vehicle industry further, faster.

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