Ensuring Satisfaction | Renault’s New Schemes To Drive Up Its Customer Satisfaction

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Renault is setting out to drive improved customer satisfaction through two supporting strategies. With effect from September 1st all new Renault models have a three year, 100,000 mile warranty as standard to increase confidence and customer satisfaction. The details of the deal include the first 2 years with unlimited mileage and the third at 100,000, a good deal by all accounts!

In addition Renault has introduced an Internet based improvement programme across its dealer network. The online system came into effect this month in the form of a review site that rates dealers from the feed-back of Renault customers – it is expected 4,500 Renault customers will be interviewed each month.

The satisfaction rating, together with the actual customer comments, will be available to view for both sales and service customers for each of Renault UK’s dealerships. Based on the dealer’s ratings Renault will send in Performance Managers to the bottom 20% of businesses to review why they are not meeting the expectations of its customers.

At the same time Renault is rolling out its ‘Project Air’ dealership brand I.D. upgrades. The feedback from customers that have already experienced sites that have been revamped has been very positive, so the improvements to the interior and exteriors of dealerships are being continued. The programme covers all customer-facing areas of the core Renault dealerships including floors, lighting, fixtures and fittings in a contemporary style, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2014.

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