FC Sport Concept | Honda at the Tokyo Motor Show

Post image of FC Sport Concept | Honda at the Tokyo Motor Show

We like Honda. OK, so some Hondas can be a bit boring, but then they produce exciting hatchbacks and fun concepts. The latest of which, or at least the coolest of which, has to be their concept FC Sport at the Tokyo motorshow. It looks like a something Batman would drive if he just happened to wake up and find himself bessie mates with Will Smith in iRobot. You know – sporty and modern, yet electric and… quiet. A bit of a dichotomy, granted, but the Fuel Cell technology that makes up the FC more than makes up for it in environmentally-friednly coolness.

Honda FC Sport Concept

All... glowing...

Anyway, it’s awesome – and for some more pictures, have a watch of the slick marketing video to see what you missed.

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