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Ferrari are interesting cars. Unlike Lamborghini, which I always think is stuck in the 90s with their strange boxy shape, Ferrari have grown and evolved. Whilsttheir looks have got better and better, however, they have always been overly keen to keep the relationship between driver and car as simple as possible. In essence, a Ferrari an amazing engine, in a smart shell. When you get in one, it is meant to feel like it is just you and the road, without any fancy pants extras.

However, maybe due to the credit crunch, nowadays people don’t seem to be as keen to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on a car if they aren’t getting anything luxurious. And, in this technology driven world, luxury means more than the inevitable leather interior – it means technology.

And so, with the 458 Italia, Ferrari have responded. This sleek and utterly gorgeous car (which I have seen in real life in the town I live in!) is crammed with innovations and technology. This technology, however, is all dedicated to drive quality – Ferrari couldn’t stretch as far as poncy SatNavs with built in night-visionand the like! It gets rather technical, unsurprisingly – the E-Diff and F1-Trac control software are integrated in the same ECU to reduce communication times and improve acceleration out of corners, the ABS is added into the same ECU system, the gear box is sleeker than ever, and the 4499 cc V8 is the first Ferrari direct injection engine to be mid-rear-mounted for slightly more practicality. In essence, this car will now driver better than it would have before, whilst looking and feeling pretty damn stunning.

I want one!

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Posted by admin   @   19 August 2010

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  • http://www.bigbucksauto.com BigBucksAuto

    What an amazing car. The technology is sound too. I drove a friend’s a few weeks ago, and the thrust out of turns is so controlled that it is almost faster around corners than straight-aways!

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