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When you hear the name of the Ford Ka’s latest incarnation, the Disco, you would be forgiven for expecting a car liberally covered in glitter, perhaps even wearing platforms and flares. What you wouldn’t necessarily expect would be a car that seems to have a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, and a peculiar off centre go-faster stripe!

Yet, of course, that is what you get. The Ford Ka Disco version is apparently a “cheeky interpretation of [the] Ford kinetic Design approach”. Yup, to Ford it seems that cheeky definitely means “slightly carnivorous”, as the key feature on this limited edition is the unusual contrasting grill which is designed to smile at you. Oh, and just in case anyone was disappointed by the lack of glitter, there are two pearlescent colours available as well as the normal metallics.

It is definitely fun, and for a rather boring car the Ka does seem to be being quite adventurous. I can’t decide, however, what to think about it. Can you?

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Posted by admin   @   15 October 2010

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2 Opinions

  • garage equipment

    I would just know what are the colours available.thanks

  • Chris

    I think they will have their work cut out selling the KA Disco into a new market, after years of the ka as we know it. Having looked at the pictures above though it does look quite stylish.

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