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I was down at Mercedes-Benz World this week, attending a meeting. It was my first time there, and between talks I took the opportunity to photograph a few of the sights to share with you wonderful guys. This isn’t really an article with any structure, but there are some cool bits and pieces…

Exploded Race car Display at Mercedes Benz World

In bits and pieces

Firstly, some actual bits and pieces. An incredibly cool artist’s installation of a Mercedes Race Car, exploded and hung from the ceiling. As the first thing to see as we reached the first floor, this made quite an impact. Gorgeous!

SLS 55 Wheel

Sexy wheel!

Gorgeous Mercedes SLS 55

My first one in real life, believe it or not!

Next, the spectacular (and I really mean spectacular) Mercedes-Benz SLS 55. This is, of course, ostentatious to the max, and that is somewhat key to its brilliance. I was particularly swayed by the perfect gun metal silver shade, and the great wheels, but the gullwing doors and £200k price tag probably didn’t hurt either.

Incredible Mercedes 600 Limo

One hell of an expensive limo

Next up, the more formal side of Mercedes – proper professional limousines. The Mercedes 600 is big, brash, and powerful. This particular one also had an amazing navy leather interior, but that is by the by.


One of very few...

And finally, a very rare sports car, the name of which I have forgotten. It was ugly as sin, of course, but that doesn’t stop people being willing to pay one hell of a lot for it!

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