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I recently came across a new trend of small, extremely futuristic city cars which were launched at this year’s Paris Motor Show. The Nissan Townpod, Kia Pop and Renault Twizy are three of the most innovative designs I’ve seen thus far in the car market, and it made me wonder whether these pioneering designs would be successful and will they fulfil our requirements as car buyers of the future?

The Nissan Townpod is a revolutionary design that Nissan say will change the way that we view city transport. The Townpod is a cross between and car and a van; a quirky concept that can be altered to suit the customers’ requirements. It is powered by an electric motor system that is used in other Nissan cars such as the Leaf, which will undoubtedly be a plus point for environment conscious car buyers, and the design provides a futuristic and simple interior. The Townpod even has a hi-tech personal digital assistant included to display your speed and other various controls such as air con.


Nissan Townpod

Nissan Townpod

The Kia Pop is really a stunning electric car concept that has an extremely striking design. It is really quite functional too, with a top speed of 86mph and when fully charged it has a 100 mile range which seems adequate for city car usage. Similarly the Pop has only one button to press in the interior and the rest of the controls are on an LED screen making it a favourite for the tech-savvy.


Kia Pop

Kia Pop

The Renault Twizy in my opinion is the most well thought out city car, it allows city dwellers to weave in and out of busy traffic as it provides them with three key characteristics – simplicity, speed and efficiency. The 4 wheel design makes it slightly more secure than a motorcycle and the two seats one behind the other makes the design practical for the size of the vehicle. The Twizy really is the perfect accessory to the regular sized car; it has more stability than a motorcycle but is priced similarly at around £4,499.


Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy

As much as I like the design of these cars and the stylish features that go with them, I fear they may be a bit too technical for some and the size may not make people feel safe in and amongst busy traffic. But I do think that they are the future for city driving, so with a few tweaks I think they will be something we never realised we needed, but won’t be able to live without.

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  • Mariana F Dias

    I heard teenagers can drive twizy when they have 16. they just need a special license or something like that. I wonder if the other cars can be driven with that age… do you know anything about this?

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