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A good few months ago we got all excited about the launch of Gran Turismo 5 – and so we thought it was time we gave you a full blown review…

Gran Turismo is a brand that has established a big name for itself, offering a chance for the everyday person to get behind the wheel and experience the thrill of racing first hand. However, with the introduction of their newest instalment ‘Gran Turismo 5’, they have managed to take this experience to a completely new and exhilarating level. The game offers an experience that is similar to that of a driving simulator, with realistic graphics, car handling and opportunities to be involved in racing outside of simply being the driver. Whilst still managing to maintain the fun element that we all expect from our games and have grown to expect from Gran Turismo.


Gran Turismo 5 Ford Mustang

The Mustang...

Once you enter the game you are introduced to a world of racing set out in a simple format that can be browsed at your leisure, offering numerous features that combine to make an altogether fun and user-friendly experience. The main feature of the game is ‘GT Life’ where you can design a driver and, begin your racing career working your way through the game, towards finally racing amongst the best. You then have the opportunity to buy your first car, which offers the same excitement and constrictions as buying a car in real life would, and once purchased will be stored in your virtual garage for you to browse or sell later on. Once you have begun to earn money and experience through racing, you can then begin to purchase different cars from the range of over 1000 cars that GT5 has to offer; including both used and news cars, and ranging from classic cars to low-end everyday road cars, to top of the range racing models, including many cars that you may dream of one day owning.

It is the realistic graphics that really represent the quality of this game, not only offering the realism of High Definition, but now also offering a 3D experience for those with a compatible TV, providing a whole new dimension to your gaming. As an addition the game has been developed to include dynamic weather changes and their most realistic smoke and lighting effects to date. With the addition of the ‘Course Maker’ feature, you can now put these effects to use as you wish, by having the ability to design a track and location that can be used for easy driving practice, or a more challenging race, depending on your preference.


Gran Turismo 5 MP4-12C


For those true car enthusiasts, Gran Turismo’s ‘TV’ and ‘Museum’ features, offer both the ability to stay up to date with the automotive world, as well as a rich automotive history at your disposal.   The communication features within GT5 now offer you the tools to keep in touch with your friends in the game, through virtual chats and emails, turning it into an experience you can all share.

Gran Turismo is by no means offering you a driving experience that can match driving in the real world, not yet at least, but if you are looking for a game that offers an amazing driving experience, with stunning graphics, a multitude of user-friendly features and still retains all the fun of gaming, then Gran Turismo 5 is an investment that you will not be disappointed with.

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