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I love it when someone does something original with the news and cars from shows like Geneva. It is too easy to simply list all the cars, not to mention the fact that people will be bored witless by the end of the show, and want to go off horse riding or wilderness camping just to escape from the endless onslaught!

As such it was great to receive Carwow‘s contribution to the mix, a massive image showing every single car shown at the Geneva motor show. Not only is this an achievement in itself, but they have then proceeded to arrange the cars in order of colour, so that we can see what automotive car colour trends have dominated the 2011 Motor Show. The result? A massive image, and an equally massive amount of white and silver! Hats off to the designers that dared to feature a colour like Purple, I can guarantee that it made them stand out from the crowd.

Simply click the image for the full size version!

Geneva Motor Show 2011 Cars

All the cars!

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