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It has recently emerged that Google has developed a technology to enable a car to drive itself! It is hard to believe but seven test cars have already driven one thousand miles successfully down the hills of San Francisco and proved to be a success. Google has said that these cars are safer than human drivers as they don’t get sleepy or intoxicated…so that’s sure to please pub goers who want a lift home after a night on the tiles!

Using artificial intelligence software these cars have a funnel-like cylinder on the top that senses anything near the car and supposedly mimics decisions that would be made by a human driver. Engineers have stated that this technology would increase the capacity of roads through having more cars driving safely on the roads but closer together – and here I thought we had enough cars driving on the roads or stuck in traffic jams! Although I have to admit, this technology is really quite incredible, it would free up the hands of the driver to eat, sleep or take a phone call until their hearts content – a real bonus on long journeys.


Google Car On The Road

Google Car On The Road

Despite the development of such advanced automotive technology, I doubt that everyone will be so pleased. I imagine many people will go on strike the day their car can drive them! Driving to some people is much more than a form of transport; it is a hobby that they are passionate about. There are already enough public transport options available if people do not want to drive themselves, so is this technology really needed?

I can’t imagine drivers will be giving up their steering wheels without a fight…and I fear that the technology will make motorists lazy and unfamiliar with driving when they do have to take to the wheel – I say you might as well take the train or book a taxi if you’re that sick of driving.

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