Has the “Concept” of a Concept Car Died?

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Have you noticed something recently? Concept cars keep turning into real, purchasable cars – with very few changes from fantasy drawing board to car dealer’s showroom.

No one thought the Mercedes A Class grill would make it to production – but remarkably, it did. The Peugeot RCZ concept, despite looking completely ridiculous (for a Peugeot) rolled out into showrooms in pretty much the same spec as the sketches. The absurd jet-powered Jaguar CX-75 just had the engine removed, and out it went.  All over the shop concept cars are going straight to the production line without erasers being taken to anything – or so it seems.

Concept Mercedes A Class

Just look at that grill!

Peugeot RCZ Concept

And the RCZ also went to production…

Jaguar CX-75 Concept

Jet-power is the way forward!

Back in the day, it wasn’t like this. Absurd concept cars were drawn, and occasionally created, in order to showcase the very best and most ridiculous of a car company’s current and future technology. They were used as inspiration for the following ranges of models, held up as examples of what the manufacturer could do (with access to endless money), and then generally left on the shelf. Occasionally an incredibly rich person will commission the concept, but that always used to be the exception!

McLaren X-1 Concept Car

Bespoke for a very rich customer…

So if all concepts are starting to be made, does that make the whole world of car design a bit more boring? Does real life start hindering the madness? Or, does it mean nothing more than that we, as the general public, are going to have access to more exciting models than we have in the past? Have concepts become a thing of the past?

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Posted by admin   @   14 September 2012

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  • SanDiegoAutoMechanic

    Let’s try to look at the bright side. It’s not really getting boring. It’s like a dream coming into reality. From what company is the black car in the images?

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