How far can you drive on that tank? | Car manages 584MPG!

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Perhaps you have a really economical car. You drive carefully, steadily – there is no harsh braking or acceleration when you’re in the car. Using skills developed over years and years, you ensure that every single drop of fuel is burnt and used to it’s maximum potential. You fill up the tank, and then you squeeze every mile out of it before eventually running out and needing to fill up again. You maybe get 60, 70 miles per gallon. You’re doing well.

However, you’re doing nowhere near as well as the latest insane automotive creation. The engineers behind the Lamina, a Honda generator powered car, have managed to achieve a stonking 584MPG, albeit in a vehicle that can only reach 25 MPH. In addition, the vehicle looks completely insane, a glowing gold bubble that would certainly turn heads and raise eyebrows. When it’s that cheap to run, however, you can probably put up with all the staring and mockery in the world!

Where has this car come from? It was designed by built by a team of engineers from the California Polytechnic State University for this year’s Shell Eco-Marathon held in Houston, Texas. That means it isn’t something you’rte likely to see in a showroom near you any time soon, Even so, it’s exciting to see auto tech head in this direction!

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