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The Range Rover Evoque has been on our radars for a good long time now. Land Rover are really doing their best to big it up, and a part of that process has been launching “prototype” cars for real world testing. Read: eye-catching colourful cars to build up automotive buzz! Cynical as we are, this has clearly worked, and whilst the US cars are what most people seem to talk about, working down the road from the LandRover/Jaguar headquarters means that we are obsessed with the UK version. Every couple of days we see it drive down the road, clad either in an absurd white and black pattern, or the even bolder yellow and black version. Bright and noticeable, and something of a highlight of our days!

Range Rover Evoque Prototypes

The American Evoque Prototypes...

Camouflage Range Rover Evoque UK Prototype

And the UK one that we see all the time!

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