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Welcome to the third in a roughly weekly installment. “If This Car Were An Animal What What Would It Be?” is a feature designed for those days of the week when life gets a bit too tough, and when all we want to do is sleep and wait for the weekend to arrive. The idea? Every week we come up with a car, and then an animal that we think that car resembles. Then we invite you to give your opinions, and thus a furry and terrifying creature is born. Just a bit of fun, really!

Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke

This week’s car is the controversial Nissan Juke, a compact cross-over that is either loved or hated by petrolheads the world over. I am not that sure about it – from one point of view the design seems quite modern and space-age, but from the other it seems kind of… ugly. However, this has let us have fun with it, because we think it looks a hell of a lot like Pikachu! OK, OK, so this isn’t a real animal, but we are playing a game, and you can see the resemblance in the cute cheeks and little eyes. See what we mean?!

Pikachu Cartoon

... and the answer is Pikachu

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Posted by admin   @   26 November 2010

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1 Opinions

  • http://thealloywheelguide.co.uk Marc

    Very nice looking car, can’t see the resemblance myself tho.

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