If This Car Were An Animal What Would It Be? | Nissan 370Z

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Welcome to the fourth in a roughly weekly installment. “If This Car Were An Animal What What Would It Be?” is a feature designed for those days of the week when life gets a bit too tough, and when all we want to do is sleep and wait for the weekend to arrive. The idea? Every week we come up with a car, and then an animal that we think that car resembles. Then we invite you to give your opinions, and thus a furry and terrifying creature is born. Just a bit of fun, really!

The Nissan 370Z in Gunmetal

The Nissan 370Z in Gunmetal

If feel a bit bad about writing about this week’s car, the Nissan 370Z. You see, despite the mocking tone of this silly feature, I actually adore this car. It is sexy, beautiful and damn good at its job, and I love it beyond all belief. However, it is odd that such a beautiful car actually resembles an animal that is considered to be pretty ugly. However, all the hallmarks are there – the powerful metallic body, the bulging back, the rounded curves. Yup, it does look somewhat like an armadillo!


Silver Armadillo Looks like the Nissan 370z

... looks just like an armadillo!

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Posted by admin   @   17 December 2010

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  • Anonymous

    it may look like one but it is not that slow….

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