Insurance Woes | Young Drivers Consider Illegal Ways To Cut Costs

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It’s pretty common knowledge nowadays; if you’re a young driver insurers simply don’t want you.  With insurance companies finding no problem quoting in excess of £10,000 for young drivers; no average person could possibly see this as fair. It’s simply the insurers telling young drivers that they aren’t worth the hassle. However, if you needed this fact reinforcing for you, Young Marmalade (an insurance company looking to provide the most cost-effective insurance for young drivers), and the House of Commons Transport Committee have carried out a poll on 1,127 young drivers.

The figures the poll has collated are drastic, but not altogether surprising. Overall, 96% felt young drivers were being priced off the road; which shows that young drivers know what’s happening, but what are they meant to do to change it? The problem is, the frustration it causes is leading young drivers to try and answer this question themselves; with 30% having considered altering their information to lower their quote, and even more momentous might be that 21% had considered driving without insurance.

It’s true that uninsured drivers cause insurance premiums to rise, but where are many of them coming from? When you effectively block all routes of insurance to a young driver, many of them are likely to seek different routes, which are more than questionable in legality, to be able to drive. They are creating a reoccurring problem for themselves, which is likely to cause them more hassle in the long term than it will working to figure out a compromise in the way they insure young drivers.

A big point to raise here is this is no longer just the young driver’s fight; I’m sure you would be less than pleased if you were hit by an uninsured driver. Even more so if you were to discover it was a young driver forced to run out of insurance options by the companies that take more and more of your money each year! The deeper problem might lie with the fact that the government is focusing its sights on changing the level and intensity of young driver testing, rather than fighting for some sort of compromise with the insurance companies.

Of course the insurance companies need to charge amounts that will fully cover young drivers, no ones denying they are likely to be more of a liability. The question simply remains; would they prefer young drivers spent 5 years forgetting how to drive, rather than insuring them to become better drivers and hence reduce problems and costs in the future? What are your opinions on the matter?

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