Introducing the Hiriko Electric Car | A City Car That Folds Itself

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Sometimes I can be very smug, very self-satisfied. This is one of those occasions!

For literally years I have been saying that car brands ought to produce a car that “folds” when parked. One that you feel comfortable driving (we have no time for tiny cars that make you feel cramped or awkward when you drive them), but which space saves when you need to fit into a notoriously miniature city parking space.

So, I was pleased when I first read about the Hiriko. This little Spanish electric car has now been launched to the eager city market, and it does exactly hat I’ve always hoped for – it shrinks from being an already small car (clocking in at just 100 inches), to a TINY car (of just 60 inches. That’s an impressive size!

The Hiriko Folding Electric City Car

Welcome the Hiriko

The Hiriko Folding Electric City Car Bootspace

And in the boot...

Hiriko Urban Car

Sci-fi looks

Of course, if you drive the Hiriko you will, of course, stand out from the crowd. The little motor looks borderline insane, like something that just fell out of the future and into the unsuspecting Spanish streets. And, I would worry about a gang of opportunists literally carrying my little electric motor away. That said, if you can park in spaces that tiny then you will probably be willing to put up with all the ridicule in the world – after all, you won’t have to spend half an hour driving round in circle just to nab the only space that becomes available!

The Hiriko will be leased to city dwellers by the Spanish government, or retailed for $16,350.

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3 Opinions

  • Vickie

    Are electrics vehicles really an option for business use?

    Andrew Yeoman, the Managing Director at
    Trimble UK said in his recent blog (

    “The recent launch of the Hiriko electronic car has propelled
    electric vehicles into the limelight once again. These new funky,
    zero-emissions cars are not only environmentally friendly but also claim to be
    a ‘social innovation’! The idea being that local authorities owns a fleet of
    Hiriko cars and rent one to people when they need it – for a small fee. This
    makes them ideal in large cities where limited mileage is covered and charging
    points are plentiful. But are these or indeed any electric vehicle really of
    any use in the business world?

    Would the average businessman or woman use these cars to drive up and down the
    motorway to attend meetings or to load up the boot with the tools and equipment
    they need to do their jobs out on the road? Probably not today.

    While electric vehicles are wonderful in terms of green credentials, in
    reality at the moment they can be expensive and impractical for those doing
    significant miles.

    Take for example a typical field or service engineer, for argument sake lets
    say a printer engineer. They travel an average of 500 miles per week, carrying
    5kgs of equipment plus, in many cases, a spare printer adding another 35kgs. An
    electric car would be totally unviable for them due to current vehicle range
    and battery life.

    The manufacturers manual states that they’d have to charge their vehicle
    every 50-75 miles but with a lack of charging points across the country, it
    would be impossible for the engineers to reliably get from appointment to

    And of course, lets not forget that electronic vehicles cost between
    £10-15,000 more than a ‘normal’ petrol/diesel car.

    So what’s the answer? It’s clear electric vehicles aren’t yet suitable for
    the business world but macro hybrid vehicles are. They don’t cost the earth but
    with their combined electric and internal combustion engine they will help save
    the earth. They can be filled up at any service station or charged where a
    point is available saving an average of 20% on annual fuel costs. They are now
    a viable option for businesses and could be the first step in paving the way
    for electric vehicles to offer the same value in the future.


  • SanDiegoMechanic

    It sort of looks like a covered golf cart. But props to them for actualizing a real working folding car. Though I wonder how it feels like to drive one of them in the expansive width of the highway, with all the large trucks and scary fast drivers in tow?

  • Alessandro Borrelli

    Wonderful Nissan Leaf:

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