Jeremy Clarkson’s Most Complained About Quotes

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It’s Friday, we’re all tired, and we want some easy (and illicitly amusing) reading. Something pretty and colourful is probably best, so our over-frazzled brain cells can understand it with the smallest amount of actual brain power. Well, that’s what I feel like at least, 4 coffees down and headache approaching…

So, what better topic than Jeremy Clarkson. He is, undoubtedly, a bit of a pr*t. Some people would replace “a bit of” with “a lot of” or “a complete”, but we on THE Blog About Cars like to tread a safe middle ground! But, at the same time, there is something fascinating about how someone can repeatedly say all these things without his brain ever once vetoing them as something he should keep inside his head. Some of his best worst quotes (and the ensuing complaints) are below…

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Posted by admin   @   2 December 2011

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  • DLJ1986

    Take it as what it is entertainment, not gospel.

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