Just a car… LHD 1948 Studebaker Business Coupe

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Just a quick post for today guys. Do you like HotRods? If so, then you should like this post!

The whole thing about is that not only do you have cars that are great to drive, but that you have cars that look fantastic. Many look sophisticated, but my favourites are the ones that are are pretty ostentatious. The ones with the absurd paint jobs that catapult them from interesting into a completely different solar system! This LHD 1948 Studebaker Business Coupe is a custom painted HotRod that has real attitude, and I simply had to share its ridiculous-yet-somehow-beautiful pictures with you! If you want it, I found it on eBay for just £7,500!

LHD 1948 Studebaker Business Coupe custom painted hotrod car

LHD 1948

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Posted by admin   @   16 June 2010

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    does LHD 1948 Studebaker Business Coupe is a vintage car?what model and brand is this?I’m just curious about its appearance and style.

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