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I thought a great way to start off our new blog would be with a quick article on our favourite cars.

I have loved American muscle cars for as long as I can remember. Ever since I first noticed a good sounding engine or a curvy bonnet, these beefy masculine cars have been incredibly high on my list. Consequently when they released the latest Ford Mustangs, now on the 2010 version, it was pretty likely that I would love them without a seconds thought.

In my mind, Fords are generally useful cars. Smart looking, nippy, with decent engines and (nowadays) decent economy. The Mustang seems to be the beast that escaped the mold,  a beautiful gas guzzling sports car with enough attitude and va va voom to leave other cars sprawling in the dirt.

Perhaps the base price of $20000 was what really convinced me. Obviously these costs are higher in the UK once the car has been imported and adapted for UK recommendations, but even so that is an awful lot of car for the money. Imagine getting a roaring 4.0 litre V6 engine for about £13k this side of the ocean? It simply wouldn’t happen – especially not in quite such a stunning and stylish package. In fact, you wouldn’t even get it in a completely ugly horror of a car!

Of course, the looks aren’t unique. Many modern muscle cars adopt this shape, with its shortened coupe rear and elongated angular hood. But that doesn’t matter – especially not when you see that bold in-your-face front grill and those gorgeous optional racing stripes.

Do you see why I love it so much, and long to drive one one day? It simply is beautiful, totally self-obsessed and utterly dreamy!

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Posted by admin   @   27 November 2009

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