Lit Motors: C-1 | For When You Can’t Decide Between a Motorcycle and a Car

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If you are ever presented with the strange and uncommon dilemma of choosing between purchasing a motorcycle and a smart car, we have the ideal compromise: introducing the C-1. This strange new concept designed by Lit motors (based in San Francisco), is a hybrid of motorcycle and car, and is destined to hit our roads late next year! The vehicle consists of a motorbike style chassis with a complete driver surround. Under the somewhat space-age exterior lays the revolutionary gyroscopic stabilising system that ensures the bike stays upright even at rest! Multiple high-tech safety systems are in place to ensure that the rider is not only kept warm and dry, but also fully protected in the event of an accident, via the use of multiple air bags and the clever stabilising system, which also comes into play during an impact to ensure the bike does not topple over.


A spokesman for Lit motors said “This allows for a whole host of car-like features like a bucket seat, a steering wheel, a dashboard, climate control, a sound system, seatbelts and multiple airbags. It is absolutely the first of its kind. The C-1 is a completely new class of vehicle, neither car nor motorcycle. We have married the efficiency, agility, small size, and fun of a motorcycle with the stability, convenience, and most importantly the safety of a car. Rather than having to wear a helmet the driver can wear normal clothes, even a suit. The driver will stay safe being fully enclosed in a steel roll cage.”

The vehicle clearly has a lot to offer, even with an initial £15,000 price tag. However it is fully electric (which is great for the environment), but our main concern is how the vehicle will be able to remain up-right once you run out of juice?

Introducing: the all new C-1

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Posted by admin   @   29 February 2012

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8 Opinions

  • manofsan

    “how the vehicle will be able to remain up-right once you run out of juice?”

    Uhh, it’s called a kickstand – little gadget that was on bikes and motorbikes long before we had iPhones and iCars and Segways to do all our brainwork for us.

  • Cheap Tyres

    these type of ideas seem to come and go over the years.

  • Car

    wow.., this is looking 2 in 1 product. it’s a bike, work as a bike but looking as a car. it’s design is same as car.

  • Car

     nice model. this is looking awesome. i like this.

  • Houston Auto Detailing

    The price point will kill this – you can buy a Yaris or other new, efficient compact car for $15k in the states!

  • Kerstin Shed

    This motorcycle car (LOL, I’m seriously amazed with this concept) is wonderful because it combines both the features of a car and a motorcycle, and it consumes less fuel. Imagine the ease of parking that thing because of its size. For bikers who do not wanna get wet in the rain, this is the best option for you.

  • Jae48

    This is actually pretty impresive!! I like!

  • admin

    Suppose you run out of juice whilst travelling at 60 mph down a country lane? Are we expected to coast to a complete stop, jump out of the vehicle and apply the kickstand? Sounds very clumsy, considering both feet will be contained inside the vehicle, not near the ground like when riding a motorcycle.

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