Lookit! | Audi Displays Anatomically Correct Papercraft Audi A7

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Papercraft Audi A7

This is large scale papercraft and a half!

The world has kind of become used to seeing marketing promo cars made out of strange materials. Cake, Playdo, crochet, ice – you name it, some wild and edgy advertising agency in some expensive capital city has seen fit to use it to make a car, and thus generate a whole lot of buzz about their newest release.

The newest kid on the block of the strange and the wonderful is a contribution from Audi. It is also probably the lightest creation in the selection, as this large scale model of the Audi A7, which is totally anatomically correct, is made entirely out of paper. In fact, this makes it the biggest papercraft automobile ever, which does rather lend itself to the question “how many other papercraft cars are there?!”.

Anyway, it is totally absurd, but it is also rather cool. Cool, but probably best stored in the garage overnight, just in case it rains.

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Posted by admin   @   21 April 2011

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2 Opinions

  • mobileparkingsensor

    Great creation, let’s hope it does not rain.


  • http://a7sedan.com/ audi a7

     Is that interior also crafted by paper..? How long can it survive…?

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