Making a Mint | £60 Bugatti Sells For £430,000

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It is the sort of investment we all dream of making – buying something for a mere £60, and selling it on for a meaty £430k. The only downside? That you would have to wait 90 odd years before you could cash in on the investment – and it would probably take a lot of care and looking after before you got there!

1924 type 35 Bugatti

Of course, we’re not talking about the property market, or your stock portfolio. Instead, much more appropriately, we are talking about the automotive market, and cars for sale can be an area that can be far harder to guarantee a return in. This is especially the case when the car in question, in this case a 1924 type 35 Bugatti, has been raced continually right up until 1988. That’s a good long life, and the care and love that has gone into keeping this gorgeous vintage racing car in top nick is nothing short of extraordinary!

Of course, it hasn’t all be about love and races. The car was, in fact, found by Mr Perkins in a Nottinghamshire Aerodrome, and it needed a lot fo restoration to get it back to the condition it had once enjoyed. Since then, however, it has pretty much been plain sailing, whether racing around the track or reclining regally at the Haynes Motor Museum. Or, of course, whether getting auctioned for for a grand total of £430,000 at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed auction!

What a life!


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