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The latest trend in car design seems to be getting the public to do the job for you. Both Citroen and VW are taking a popular model (the C1 for Citroen and the Polo for VW) and asking the general public to design a special bespoke edition, with a competition prize incentive.

Citroen’s campaign has been launched on Facebook and you have to download an app in order to design your car (therefore be warned that Citroen will proceed to advertise on your timeline if you decide to do this). Their model gives you the chance to edit 5 areas of the car… 3 or 5 door, body colour, detail colour, interior colour and equipment, and the most popular one will then be turned into the new bespoke C1 Connexion. It isn’t the widest range of areas but it could still be done well with some imagination. Once it has been created you have the chance to win it, which is enough incentive to get us designing straight away!

You Like it, We Make it C1 Connexion competition

Are you going to design one?

VW’s campaign is similar in many ways, although you don’t need to download anything to your Facebook, so it is ad free. The Polo Principle (the name of VW’s campaign) also offers people quite a lot more freedom than the Citroen, with pattern designs, colour designs and the option to completely draw your own design. The best of these designs will be made into a car in May that the winner can drive around for two months, which, in our opinion, is a pretty pathetic prize for such a wealthy company.

Polo Design

How about this design?

The best thing about the Citroen competition, in our opinion, is that the winning car gets chosen by us, the general public, and so they could end up, by a well-orchestrated campaign, being forced to make a car that has a hideous colour combination, that nobody would ever want to buy. Unfortunately VW have planned ahead and their top 40 entrants will be being chosen by a panel of judges, much less fun for us, but much more chance of an attractive design being produced.

But regardless of the pitiful prize from VW and the ads we are going to get from Citroen, we just can’t pass by the opportunity to make our dream car, and possibly a couple of nightmares ones too. Fingers crossed everyone else likes them too and we end up winning a car!

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Posted by admin   @   5 April 2012

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  • SanDiegoMechanic

    That’s totally an unfair winning prize from  VW, especially if the car ends up to be a success for their company. On contests like these, does the winning participant get royalties or something like that?

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