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Let me introduce the Mazda Kazamai, one of the companies latest concept cars. I had heard of it before, but I only just discovered that the name Kazamai actually means swirling crosswinds, which is, of course, meant to express “the powerful yet nimble character of this stylish and compact crossover”. Which, really we all should have known without having to ask.

Avoiding questioning the intelligence behind naming a car after a very annoying type of wind that we have to deal with on motorways in particular, what do with think of the Kazamai itself?

Mazda Kazamai Concept Car


I have to say that for a car with SUV blood in its veins, the Kazmari hints at being a good looking and surprisingly compact car. It is larger than the Mazda M3 which will be welcomed by people who like a bit of space, and theaerodynamic design results in something ultramodern and practical. Also on looks, I am a particular fan of the gorgeous 22 inch alloys, which are incredibly stylish – I would like these on any car!

Regarding performance, this crossover is clearly trying to deliver on power and function. The 2.0 litre engine should deliver more than enough power through its direct injection system, whilst the 4-wheel drive offers the kind of traction needed by this jack-of-all-trades car.

Attractive and innovative, the Kazamai certainly gets our vote. Do you like it?

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Posted by admin   @   25 March 2010

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