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The Government has revealed propped plans to scrap MOT requirements for cars built before 1960, which could be reduced to 1945 or even 1920 with other proposals in an attempt to maintain a level of safety. The proposals come due to a suggested lack of need to have an MOT for cars which are so meticulously maintained by their owners.

It’s estimated that a minority of just 0.6% of cars on the road are more than 50 years old; a figure used to reinforce the fact that even for those who aren’t quite so meticulous the danger is minimal. On top of figures provided by the government that suggest these cars are driven less than 500 miles a year anyway.

Overall, I can see the potential for the plan, and the reasoning behind it. However, the older the car, the more time, effort and money it takes to maintain. If just one of these cars isn’t looked after then it could claim a life, surely the possibility for fatality, even a single one, is worth leaving things as they are?

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Posted by admin   @   9 November 2011

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  • Elizabeth Garnet

    I agree with you. With people that love and adore there old car, They wont have a problem with the MOT. However, Those people that don’t put the same time and effort into maintaining there cars may cause an accident. I say its kept the same. 

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