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You might question my sanity if I suggest that building a car out of grass might be the future for car design – but stick with me on this one. First let me introduce Greg Abbott; an American who is professionally known as Reverend Gadget, an engineer and fabricator who has been involved in the world of TV and most recently delved into the EV business. Now to connect the dots let me elaborate; Reverend Gadget has suggested that bamboo might be the material of the future when it comes to cars (and yes bamboo is a grass!).

Bamboo is already used in a wide range of products from surfboards to instruments, and this has led to Abbott’s suggestion of using bamboo as well as vegetable resin as opposed to convention materials. The main idea revolves around bamboo’s high strength in relation to its width and being able to convert this into reality would allow for a lightweight material that will be stronger than fibre glass and compensate for the heavy batteries fitted into electric vehicles at the minute. If this can be realise it might just go a long way to solving the low range of electric cars that seems to be one of the problems scaring off potential EV car buyers at the minute.

We don’t seem to be developing any better ideas at the minute; with fibreglass too heavy and carbon fibre too expensive, so why not? With all the advancements in the car industry; does a car made out of grass really seem like such an unreasonable idea?

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