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The Radical RS3 SL, (the SL stands for street legal), is the new road car from Radical. The brand which does exactly what it says on the tin designs radical cars which are most notably created for sports racing cars, but the new RS3 has a new suspension system and tyres which makes for a softer ride on regular roads.


Radical RS3 SL

Radical RS3 SL

It is powered by the turbocharged 2.0 litre engine, which has a special eco-boost function, and this engine will be accessible to a wider range of consumers in the new Focus ST later in 2011. The Radical RS3 may not be widely seen throughout the UK for a few months, as Radical Co-Founder Phil Abbott says it will be most popular in Germany, which is famous for the Autobahn. Probably a sensible suggestion considering the traffic congestion on UK roads.

A great accolade for Ford, as Radical state that the Ford engine is crucial to the smooth drive of the vehicle and the lightweight feel of the car. The car has been said to have not been set up for racing, and it is not the car for consumers who want a racing car with a racing engine. It certainly looks radical in design, and has a racing car feel, but it will be a more driveable vehicle.

So, with it being priced at  £67,000, it really does appeal to the consumers who have the money to splash out on a ‘boys toy’, it’s not going to be the daily run around, and why would it when it has such a fabulous design – this vehicle wants to be saved for the best driving roads. With a starting unit sale of between 30 and 50 a year, they are not going to be flaunted across the roads, but it will be a wow moment if you are lucky enough to see one!

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Posted by admin   @   13 January 2011

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  • CarLockGuy

    I hope that rainbow colored car isn’t a best seller in their roster. It looks pretty cool, but it’s a little far out, even as a “big boy’s toy.”

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