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The Nissan 370z isn’t really brand new to our roads. However, this year the car looks smarter, stronger and more powerful than ever before, and that means it deserves a place on car blogs all over the world. The Roadster is there for people who like traditional open-road sports car driving, and it really seems to delivery where it counts.

First, lets have a look at this meaty cars aesthetics. The 370z isn’t a shy car, by any means. In fact, its design has a certain “look at me” quality that tends to make peoples heads turn, in many ways more so than other more expensive sports brands. Some would say that subtlety is the key to a really classy car, but actually I think if you want something fast and impressive then this sort of in-your-face styling will no doubt be preferable! Also, I maintain that the 370z has the sexiest wheels in the world of motoring, carrying on the tradition from the 350z. Have a look – with those alloys and those brakes, these are undeniably pretty!

When it comes to performance, the 370z does pretty damn well too. Bear in mind that this car costs around about £30k, and suddenly the acceleration (o-62 in just 5.5 seconds) and power/torque (324bhp @ 7,000rpm/268lb ft @ 5,200rpm) become really quite impressive. Add to this that the figures actually manage to translate into a smooth and energetic ride, and the car becomes ever more tempting. With great handling and a certain je ne sais quoi, this really does manage to be an impressive but strangely affordable car all the way through.

I want one!

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Posted by admin   @   3 August 2010

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