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OK, so maybe a 1990s car doesn’t technically count as modern. In fact, that may well be enough age to make it retro or vintage. However, considering the style of the Nissan Figaro its 90s origins are quite unexpected. Simply put, this car looks like it was boring in the 50’s or 60s, and would look best lined up next to a Smeg, and a blond housewife in a swing skirt.

The Figaro is probably my logical ideal car. I have an ideal, the Mustang, that I will likely as not never own. For costs I can afford, however, then the Figaro is definitely top of my somewhat limited list.

nissan figaro

Nissan Figaro

Why do I love it so? Well, the design is the real answer. I can just visualise myself driving in it, perhaps with a retro scarf wrapped around my head, and a poodle waggling its tail enthusiastically on the passenger seat. In my imaginings, I may even have a cigarette (I don’t smoke…) in a long handled cigarette holder, just to complete the effect. The fact that this car comes from a notoriously reliable Japanese manufacturer just sweetens the deal.

Pink nissan figaro

Pink Nissan Figaro

In addition to the aesthetics of this little car, there is also the temptation of a limited edition car. Only 8,000 were originally available with an additional 12,000 added to production numbers to meet demand, and the potential buyers had to enter a lottery to be able to buy one of these cars. They are lovely and special!

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Posted by admin   @   26 April 2010

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    What a beautiful car especially the blue car, looks great.

  • Sukhdeep Singh

    The Nissan Figaro is a small retro car manufactured by Nissan. The car was originally sold only in Japan. Despite this, the Nissan Figaro has become popular with owners in the UK and Ireland, given the popularity of second-hand Japanese import cars. Its appearance has a resemblance to the 1960s Datsun Fairlady models.Visit Play It Safe Blog for more Retro Cars which is anAuto InsuranceCompany.

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