Nissan Juke Hits the Dealerships

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So, after months of talk and buzz, the Nissan Juke has finally been released into the real world, which means that it can stop being the stuff of reviews and speculation, and become the latest addition to an ever growing portfolio of crossover vehicles within the automotive industry.

At a starting price of £12,795, the Juke is a reasonably priced car. Even I, with my reservations about the bug-like shape, have to admit that this is a price that suddenly makes a 4×4 experience suddenly available to the masses. Add to this the fact that the car seems to be pretty well kitted out, and I can see it getting quite popular.

Will you be lining up for a Nissan Juke?

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Posted by admin   @   28 September 2010

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    I really like this car, despite the bad press it has been getting.

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