Nissan Juke | What do you think of the new Nissan Crossover?

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Nissan are without a doubt the king of the crossover. The QashQai, in many ways the predecessor to the new Juke model, was the first of its kind, where 4×4 met family cars in a strange but somewhat logical hybrid combination. Now they have a whole section of the market,¬†encompassing the lovers of aggressive 4x4s and those who need a practical car into one group and making them quite enjoy the journey.

Whilst the premise is clever, what do we think of the Juke itself?

Firstly, the looks. Personally, this isn’t my cup of tea – but I tend not to like any 4×4-esque model that pretends to be something it is not. The snub rounded nose seems to resemble something a little bit amphibian to me, and the overall shape leans towards bulbous and peculiar. However, after numerous¬†conversations around the office and town, it seems that this definitely cannot be written off right away as a design fail, because there are many people who feel the shape actually gives it a sport edge, although I have always felt that angular lines would be more likely to have that effect.

nissan juke

The Nissan Juke Concept

As for the performance, this is rather more positive. The small size mean that this is a lighter weight sibling to the QashQai, and the reasonable engines have the ability to give you a pretty exciting drive. I wouldn’t pay much attention¬†to the diesel versions judging from the feeling in the industry at large, it looks like the direct injection turbo petrol engine is winning hands down in this fight. With 187bhp, it’ll propel the Juke from 0-62mph in 8.0 seconds, whilst still manages to achieve the reasonable average 40mpg that will be demanded by your practical side.

All in all the Juke is a bit of a mixed bag. I wonder if it may be too small to truly square up to others patrolling crossover territory, but it is definitely a good way to have fun in a 4×4 without actually having to own a 4×4…

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Posted by admin   @   8 July 2010

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39 Opinions

  • SG Petch Nissan

    Agree that the Juke does look somewhat amphibian and Nissan have almost definitely shunned conventional design in favour of being more creative and this is going to make the Juke stand out. Amazing to see how 2 different colours of the same car can look so different, the red image seems to be the one being used by everyone and the silver you have used makes the car look even more distinctive, we as dealers in Durham are excited to see the response the Juke gets in our showroom.

  • Competitive Cars

    Personally not a big fan of this car either!!! The shape of it just looks weird. The picture of the Nissan Juke Concept looks like a cartoon, not an actual car.
    Competitive Cars´s last blog post ..Picture of a Ute collapsed from 2 tonne of concrete!!!

  • bpo

    i am very love of cars.

  • Sheeba

    This car looks Hilarious!

  • zeynep

    ? want this car:( but why are those two cars different?

  • Ni

    Holy hell, that thing looks ugly as ****


    I LOVE THIS CAR !!! I WANT THIS CAR !!! Bravo Nissan , The Juke is the hottest lil’ monster to come out in years !!! I hope I can get one !!!

  • Kristin

    I like the fact that it is out of the ordinary. The norm is sooooooo boring. Driving on the road today, every car seems to look so cookie cutter. It’s very difficult to tell one make from the other. Edgy and unique is good.

  • alfonso tengco

    I like the car. Nissan juke two door. When is it coming out to the market in Asia?

  • Arnold Galtine

    According to ( )-Nissan today announced prices for the 2011 Juke crossover. The car will go on sale in October and will be priced at $18,960 USD. But honestly i don’t like this car.

  • 72 Year Ol’ Car Lover

    I love this car!!!! BRAVO Nissan!

  • carlover

    I like this car alot. Its not a 2 door, its actually 4 doors. The door hindges of back doors are on top of the doors, look carefully

  • Jason Bradfield

    Love this car, its somthing different and out of the norm.

  • Maria Chavez

    I love this car, we just purchased one. Its somthing different. This car looks Hilarious!!!!!

  • Limo

    Luxury and style is what I am looking for. Nissan never fails to give out what customers want and need. :)

  • Dion

    NISSAN are renowned for poor design though.
    I have not laughed so hard at the look of a new release car for a long time.
    I cannot believe Nissan have seriously released this????

  • AAO

    Now if they can only make a convertible hard top body then you have all. I think it is GREAT that someone has the balls to push the envelope, no matter how small the balls are ;-)

  • Ernesto Piris

    This car is awesome.I like it a lot because of the radical style.Looks fun,solid and has an attitude.Sorry for my english.:)

  • Shags

    I am in LOVE!!! We have the rogue for our family car and my hubs and I are thinking of getting this for our 2nd car. I love that it is so unique!

  • Snake Plissken

    I saw this car at the dealership last week, and if I were trading in the car I bought at the end of my lease, this would be my pick. Looks a lot different in person. It’s cool as hell.
    Snake Plissken´s last blog post ..Newman Rollermaster Screen Stretching Table

  • Cesar Vega

    Love this car!!!!!! Buying it! I test drove it 11/14/10 in Miami its fun to drive it handle great the feature are high end. Great Buy

  • http://cyprus heleh

    this is going to be my by the end of 2010

  • Tom Chance

    this car looks awesome. i hope it handles as good as it looks. if so, deal me in when it’s available.

  • Lena Swain

    I got this car last week(,trade my Murano ) and I love it.So fun to drive ,a lot space inside.

  • victor

    I just bought this car I Love it

  • Shananigan

    I am a single mom with two teens and going to nursing school. As soon as I am done this is our BIG treat. We are all excited and can hardly wait, though it will be two years from now. YEAH Nissan. Been a JEEP fan for years, not anymore.

  • Johnny Lewis

    Car looks great, so sick of the norm. Every other company seems to have the same designs,it’s nice to see change. Nissan make great vehicles, Love my Nissan X-trail

  • Lukelts

    want this car! Love how it is so different looking. Tired of every car looking the same. Can’t wait to drive this thing and have a head turning car.

  • RussP

    Looks fantastic to me – and I’ve been searching for something different and new looking for ages. This will be my first car purchase after a 10 year non-car owning hiatus – THAT’S HOW GOOD THIS CAR IS!! Bravo Nissan – you put the other boring car manufacturers to shame!

  • Johnwalker

    i seen this car driving around halifax good job

  • http://www.autorentalreservati

    I really don’t like the concept car , it looks clumsy.

  • Mikehussey

    I feel that concept are for publicity purpose . it doesn’t made for sale .

  • Mikehussey

    I feel that concept are for publicity purpose . it doesn’t made for sale .

  • Ericatpellon

    hi my company has a Juke, the cars ok just average with tram line type steering, i still cant get used to the idea of not having a spare, only a small thing but very important eric


    Concept car is more likely a toy car..

  • Joeyg373

    i dont loke the concept or the current one, they are sooooo ugly

  • AntonLeChuck

    Its an odd looking car, some people love it. Not all!

  • Driving Lessons Croydon

    Not my cup of tea, but to be expected given that car designs move from the curvaceous to the angular/blocky about every 20 or so years. A case in point is how angular old Nissans were in the late 80-90s, but they were fairly rounded before that (when they were Datsun). Do you remeber the Datsun Cherry?

  • James

    I don’t think it looks that bad. It looks more like a moon rover than a car though.

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