Now That’s A Woofer! | Custom Honda HR-V With 32Inch SubWoofer

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Yes, Lauren has been shopping cars on eBay again. I like to see what strange custom creations are out there, and today’s browse has turned up a gem! This is a Honda HR-V 1.6 litre Vtech 4×4, with a massive¬†32 Inch Subwoofer that pretty much takes up the entire back of the car. You know when Pimp My Ride gets hold of a car? Well, this is what that car¬†would look like after they had got their kind-of-cool-but-kind-of-awful hands on it! Of course, a Honda HR-V isn’t exactly cool – but they have tried darn hard! Can you just imagine how dope it would be to have that bling bling outside your crib?! I am sooo not a gangsta…

custom subwoofer honda hrv

The fancy list of features includes:

K&N Induction Kit (removed and now has standard Air intake)
32″ Kenwood Subwoofer (The only one ever made)
2x Kenwood KAC-PS301 Amps
8 Kenwood Dualmag Speakers
Kenwood 7″ Touch Screen Navigation
Ipod Connection
6 CD Disc Changer
Rear Reverse Camera
Black Tow Bar
Full Leather and suede Seats (colour coded very rare)
18″ Black Alloys
Nokia Bluetooth Car kit

Now, that is cool! No? Or is this my inner street-wise gangsta coming out? Making me talk about how “fly” the car is?

What do you think?

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Posted by admin   @   26 August 2010

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5 Opinions

  • BigBucksAuto

    This is a complete travesty. The only people interested in that level of noise is high schoolers, and those who have the maturity of high schoolers. This speaker will probably cause multiple high schoolers to have accidents. Honda should think twice abut this concept. It is not an intelligent marketing ccampaign. Those of us who live in cities hear enough noise from cars.

  • admin

    Hi John

    I see exactly where you are coming from! However, this isn’t Honda’s fault, this is a personally customised Honda currentyl being sold on eBay. So don’t worry, there is only one of them!

  • annie @ car window lettering

    this speaker really awesome,.but as big buck auto said that it can cause accident but I can say it depends on the user on how he/she will use it,.
    annie @ car window lettering´s last blog post ..Boat lettering

  • Supercars

    WOW :D it looks big :D
    Supercars´s last blog post ..Audi A9

  • LightningCars

    This car is gonna be loud.. With 4 people sitting inside, they could end up bursting their ear drums..needless?

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