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The battle of the hatchbacks is a fierce one and if you are looking for car finance bad credit can often restrict your choice to buying used. The good news is that there are plenty of great hatchbacks for under £5000, but should you go for a German model or look into securing a Japanese car that will suit you and your family?

Honda Jazz

One of the most versatile and flexible family hatchbacks from Japan is the Jazz. It has been revised over the years but older models are the most affordable and still provide the majority of the features you would want from a modern car, particularly if you buy one dating from 2003 onwards. Be aware that although the driving experience is solid, the ride is firmer than most which can be a little bit of a niggle on longer trips.

VW Golf

With decades of excellent models to choose from, the Golf is the German hatchback chosen by millions around the world. Because of its reliability and popularity it is a little more expensive to buy than some alternatives. However, if you are planning to keep your car ticking over for years to come it will be a worthy investment.

Toyota Yaris

For first time drivers the Yaris is one of the best hatchbacks around. It is inexpensive to buy and run and the five door version actually gives you a decent amount of internal space. Go for a model dating prior to the 2006 facelift and choose the 1.3 petrol engine for the best experience with the Yaris.

VW Polo

Costlier than the Yaris but just as reliable and arguably more fun to drive, the Polo exudes class and style both inside and out. Its small size does not mean that it is cramped or uncomfortable so you can relax within the confines of its interior and watch the world drift by. The 1.2 petrol edition has enough power and those who do not want to squeeze in and out should opt for the five door version, which is best for families.

Mazda 3

Arguably the perfect foil to the VW Golf if you are looking for a Japanese hatchback, the Mazda 3 offers an excellent driving experience and the petrol engines are impressively fuel efficient. Practicality is another asset which should not be overlooked, with good boot space and impressive legroom both present.

BWM 1 Series

If you want to get a 1 Series hatchback for under £5000 you will probably have to buy an example with relatively high mileage. Thankfully the reliability and the build quality of BMW will ensure that this means relatively little. If you simply have to have the prestige of the BMW badge then this is the way to go.

With legendary build quality from both nationalities, you should ultimately choose any hatchback based upon your own lifestyle and preferences. Both German and Japanese manufacturers offer really good cars for under £5000 if you are buying used, with the final decision being completely subjective.

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