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I am going to admit to something terrible here… I am not a huge fan of the Porsche 911. There I said it. And now I will wait for the lynch mob to come. You see, the 911 is one pf the most popular cars that I know of, and to admit a certain degree of nonchalance is akin to declaring that the Smart car is the most beautiful car ever built. If you do that, it is bound to get dangerous.

My personal feelings about this brand are largely to do with the aesthetics – I simple don’t like the design and aerodynamic shape. When it comes down to the actual engine, however, I am in awe of the power, performance and sheer roar energy that it delivers.

If there was one particular Porsche 911 model that could change my mind, then it is the Sport Classic. This is a car of such unspeakable and incomparable luxury that I would be a fool to look down on it with anything other than begrudging admiration. This car, you see, comes laden to the roof with fancy tech and luxury materials, all in that same ultra-reliable 911 body.

Porsche 911 Sport Classic

Porsche 911 Sport Classic

What do you get in the limited edition 911 Sport Classic? Well, I think the better question would be what don’t you get? This car costs £140k, and for that you pretty much get complete customisation. When you have finished with it, this should be exactly the sports car that you always dreamt of! I’m talking the most dreamy leather seats in a rainbow of colours, exterior paint customisation with exclusive paint jobs, and as much tech as you can fit in. If you want something basic then you probably ought to opt for a simpler (and cheaper) model, as this one is about exclusivity and design. The only limit to your customisation imagination that Porsche specific is that it has to be “technically and qualitatively feasible” – which seems fair enough really!

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