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The Porsche Cajun is really starting to take shape, fitting neatly in the crossover market, and it has to be said it’s looking pretty fabulous too! It has been described as an SUV coupe, being modelled on the Audi Q5, and it will certainly fit into the ranks of the Porsche Empire.


Porsche Cajun

Porsche Cajun

It is expected to hit the dealerships in 2013, and it will go head to head with the likes of the Land Rover Evoque and the BMW X4, but considering the Porsche badge and the slick design there’s no doubt it will race into poll position in the market.

The Cajun has some top notch specifications, where the most sophisticated will have a 3.0 TDI with 237bhp and 550Nm of torque. It has great performance too, going 0-62mph in less than 6 seconds, and it has a sporty physique, weighing just 1,700kg.

To differentiate the model in the ever growing crossover market, the Cajun will be marketed as a three door initially; additionally customers will get the choice of a whole range of engines, which will be produced by Audi.

It may be a new type of Porsche, but the badge still has it’s benefits. The car will be kitted out with a Porsche active stability management system, to complement the unique braking and suspension set up. Additionally, with it being a Porsche, the interior has a whole host of luxury features throughout, and it has been said that it will be more superior than the Q5. The features, such as the dash design and switch gear will also be introduced into the Cayenne and the Boxster, to ensure continuity in the range.

With all the features considered, the price, which may be slightly more than the £30,000 price of the Land Rover Evoque, doesn’t seem too bad. Let’s be realistic, a Porsche is never going to be a budget vehicle, but the Cajun does appear more affordable than other models.

Do you think it’ll be a success when it’s launched?

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