Record Breaking Parking | The Parking World Record Has Been Broken… Twice

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Some World Records are more impressive than others and in our opinion there are few more impressive than the recent improvement to the parallel parking record.

A video has finally been released of the German parallel parking enthusiast Ronny “C-Rock” Wechselberger setting a new world record. He recently managed to park (or more accurately slide) his Volkswagen Polo into a space that was only twenty-six centimeters (or just over ten inches; in old money) longer than the car.

The Guinness World Record officials confirmed that Ronny achieved the record back in April but the video of the stunt was only released this week. Just check it out on You Tube if you want to be seriously impressed.

It’s a video you can watch over and over again, and each time you find it difficult to believe it’s real parking and not camera trickery.

As amazing as it is, unfortunately for Ronny “C-Rock” he has already lost his world record. It has moved continents and left Germany for China where Zhang Hua is the new World Record holder.

Chinese man Zhang Hua has managed to take a further two centimeters off the record, which may not sound much but see what you think after you’ve watched the old record being broken!

The Guinness World Record officials have said that the video will be available later in the year, and if this videos anything to go by the new video is likely to be even more stunning.

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