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Tax Free?

Have you recently purchased an eco-friendly vehicle on the premise that it is exempt from paying road tax? Well we hate to break it to you, but by 2016 you’re going to be paying over the odds like the rest of us!
The government plans to reduce the road text exemption threshold from <100g/km to <85g/km, meaning that the wave of Bluemotion, Ecomotive and Econetic vehicles will all be within the taxable threshold. The idea came after talks at Westminster aimed to meet the tough EU target of cutting average car CO2 emissions from last years 138.1g/km to 95g/km by 2020. It has been made clear that the road tax exemption band must also be slashed in order to maintain revenue. Industry insiders suggest that by 2016 only vehicles recording values under 85g/km will be exempt from road tax, directly affected by this will be the likes of ford with their Fiesta Econetic which scores a low 87kg/m which is sadly 2g/km above the specified threshold! The whole prospect is depressing for motorists, and we can’t help but feel like we might be getting slightly ripped off…


Ford's New ECOnetic!

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  • SanDiegoMechanic

    Taxes are all well and good, but we could only hope that our needs are met, and that their priority spending are actually causes that needs to be solved with urgency. Though, regarding the tax exemptions, there still has to be some sort of initiative when it comes to eco cars. What would drive people in buying them, when there are far cheaper options in the market?

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